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If you are in search of technology help. I hope to provide you with personal assistance.


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Services I Offer

My services could be classified as computer support; computer help, computer repair, computer assistance, technology help, or technology assistance.


Is your computer not running as fast as it used to? I can come to you. read more


Some of the things I can help you with are, Help setting up an iTunes account. read more

TV/Home Theater

Do you have a receiver that you are trying to figure out how to use with your TV? read more

About Me

Some things that you might like to know about me are, that I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a degree in Management Information Systems. Also known as MIS.

I previously worked for a manufacturing company as the IT assistant. In this position I provided end user support, by installing software. As well as troubleshooting, by helping users if they had an issue or…

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Why MH Tech Help?

My individual goal is to help clients personally. One on one. I am interested in helping people with their technology issues or questions.


    I can come to you. No need to unplug your computer and take it to a store.


    I also aim to help people learn, and be able to have confidence using their technology


    Whether it’s fixing, installing or learning, my goal is that you feel satisfied with the service.


“Here is a trustworthy IT technician we’ve been using for years. Give him a call for your home computer support.”

I most recently helped Carolyn’s husband with an email issue and his iPad.


“Mark’s services were prompt, high quality, friendly, and very reasonably priced.
I recommended Mark to a number of friends and colleagues. He was also sensitive to my assistive technology
needs, and worked well with those softwares.”

I most recently helped Bill by physically setting up his new computer, as well as transferring over his data from his old one. In addition, I installed some software for him including assistive technology software.


“Mark was very helpful and patient. I’m an older beginner iPhone user. I would strongly recommend Mark.”

I helped Sharon set up her new iPhone,
as well as configuring her email account,
and some help with Facebook.


“Highly recommend tech help by Mark!” — Marty

I helped Marty and her husband with Windows 7,
as well as figuring out how to get the DVD player to show video on the TV,
and I provided help with a tablet of theirs as well.


“I requested service twice. Mark
used language that was very easy to understand; both in
diagnosing the problem, as well as fixing it. I was very pleased,
and impressed.” — Tony

I helped Tony fix an issue with a service not showing on her Apple TV,
as well as an issue with her actual TV.


“We received great and timely service from Mark.
Great Job!” — Bill

I helped Bill and his wife with an “iPad tuneup”,
as well as checking their Mail settings to make
sure that they were configured properly.


“Mark does a great job and has strong technical skills.” — Brian

I helped Brian setup a WiFi extender and connect his TV to it; as well as a separate occasion, when I fixed a connection issue between the TV and the WiFi extender.


“Mark came over and helped us use Google Chrome
and Chromecast on our laptop so we could watch Netflix.”
— Linda

I helped Linda by turning on the “Cast” feature on Google Chrome, and then syncing the laptop with the Chromecast device.


Mark is superb! He expertly assessed the situation and worked tirelessly to fix the issues he encountered on my desktop. He is easy to work with, his prices are reasonable, and his technical expertise is outstanding.

  • — Sarah

I helped Sarah by backing up her data from her hard drive that would not boot. As well as fixing the issue that would not allow Windows 10 to boot to the login screen.

In Need of Technology Help?

Whether you are interested in getting something fixed, installing something new, or if you are interested in learning, I can help you.

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