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My qualifications, experience and how I can help you

Hi, my name is
Mark Huntsinger.

Some things that you might like to know about me are, that I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a degree in Management Information Systems (also known as MIS).

I previously worked for a manufacturing company as the IT assistant. In this position I provided end user support, by installing software, as well as troubleshooting, by helping users if they had an issue or question with software such as the Microsoft Office Suite.

In addition I provided hardware support by completing workstation maintenance (Things that help to clean up the computer, and increase its speed.), backing up old files, physically setting up new workstations (Plugging in power cords, connecting monitor cables, setting up single or dual monitors. Connecting peripherals such as the mouse, keyboard, and printer.)

As well as miscellaneous upgrades, maintenance, and repairs. Such as installing new RAM in laptop and desktop computers, installing a graphics card, replacing a laptop keyboard. Fixing laptop keys, installing new hard drives, dvd drives, Windows 7.

Now that I have my own business I do a variety of things to help people with their devices. I may do some troubleshooting, or teach people new things with their cell or smartphone, iPhone or iPads. I also have done some simple home theater or TV setups. One of the things that I enjoy is teaching people one on one.

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